What Are Updates?

Updates are changes we make on your behalf to existing content within your website including:

  • Replacing an existing paragraph of text or an image.
  • Changing content within an existing paragraph and adding new paragraphs to an existing page.
  • Updating banner images on your homepage.
  • Changing a product image, price or description.
  • Adding links to text or images.

New Work

For new work on your website we need to give you a specific quotation, these include:

  • New Design.
  • Installing a New Template.
  • Creating New Pages.
  • Child Theme.
  • Menu Changes.
  • Additional Plugins or extensions.
  • Creating Backups.
  • Custom Coding.
  • Mobile Compatability.
  • Adding New Products.
  • Editing Images.

Please contact us for a quotation here.


Updating Your E-commerce Website

We’re sure you would rather build your business, instead of being chained to your computer updating your website in Leighton Buzzard. Initially, letting go may well be difficult, but within a short space of time, you’ll appreciate the extra freedom.

Updating and changing all the prices on your stock inventory can really slow you down, imagine just sending it all at once to one place, knowing it will all be taken care of within an agreed amount of time.

You can send us new information anytime! Perhaps you think of a new introduction for your homepage whilst you are relaxing with friends, you can simply pop it over to us via your mobile phone and we’ll take care of it for you!

Time is money, and here at Website Services in Leighton Buzzard, we can certainly give you back this valuable commodity…time!

The size of your inventory may not be as large as you think, please click here to see an explanation or what we class as a product.

If the number of your products for sale on your website exceeds our threshold of 500, please get in touch as we may still be able to help.


Updating Your Information Website

A typical example of an information website would be one built for a church or religious organisation, containing information such as weekly sermons and forthcoming events requiring regular attention for volunteers from the congregation. Often people find this process somewhat tedious and the content tends to fall behind, leaving and a mountain of updates outstanding.

You may be running your own business, and be simply too busy to look after your website. Part of the advantage of keeping your site fresh is being found on Google, a regularly updated site forces the Google bots to reinxed, giving your site a higher level of relevance.

We truly believe our prices are affordable, even for a charity based organisation. particually as we do not restrict the number of updates.

Preparing your files:

We require the following information with each change request;

A specific folder for each page containing;

  • Text file with a link to the destination page where these changes are required
  • The replacement and/or new text set out in paragraphs.
  • Links (if required) giving the text to be anchored, its destination, to appear as ‘pop-up’ or ‘same page’ also whether you want the link underlined or coloured.
  • Images at correct size and optimisation

Uploading your files:

We suggest the following methods to upload your files:

  • Dropbox; We hold a business account which is secure and high capacity.
  • Email: Standard email is fine for small files, however, should you wish to include images, then we suggest our Dropbox account.